Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the live stream after I have purchased a ticket?

Once your ticket is ordered, you will be emailed a private link that will only be accessible to ticket holders by logging in to your Livest account (that you create when purchasing). Each account will be limited to one login at a time.

Will the live stream be available afterwards?

The live stream will be available for 72 hours after the stream for ticket buyers with a Livest account.

I ordered a merch bundle with my ticket, how long will it take for it to come?

We work closely with the bands to handle all merch orders. The bands and their teams handle all of the shipping of the products.

Is the band/artist actually "live" or is it a pre-recorded show?

All of the Livest performances are streamed live. We are here to create the most engaging experiences the viewer and fans can ever have with the artists. We encourage everyone to chat live with the bands as they perform!

If I wanted to ask the band/artist a question, how do I do so?

The live chat is available directly on the video! Feel free to ask or say anything. We work closely with the band live to ensure that they see the chat as it is happening in real time.Not every question can be answered, but we do our best to facilitate to create as much engagement as possible.

Wait...did the band just shout my name out?!

HECK YEAH THEY DID!! As already mentioned, they have a monitor and can see the chat responses in real time. How would you ever get that kind of interaction anywhere else?!